If you need help updating your business listing which is already published in the directory or if you need help adding a new business to directory, this page will provide you answers to questions and will assist you in getting started.

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Please email us to and give us your full name, your phone number and the Title of your business listing so we can assist you. Once we receive your information and verify you as the listing owner, we will send your User ID and Password by email.
Click here to go to the Forgotten Password page. Then, just enter your password and click on the "Continue" button and follow the instructions for retrieving your password.
 The easiest way to create a directory listing is to first make sure your business is in the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District, then use the step by step process on the pages that follow. To get started, click here.
 All listings submitted to are subject to review. Typically, listings are reviewed within two business days.
Yes, please take a look at Gwinnett Place Ford. This listing makes use of images and will give you some idea regarding what you can do with your ad.

Submitting Articles and Events articles range from news and information within the area to insightful information potential customers need. If your business is located in the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District or if you have a directory listing, you can enhance your website presence with an article. Articles should be informational in nature and offer the public tips and insight into the products and services you offer. Self-serving or advertising articles which just promote your business are typically less effective.
All articles submitted to are reviewed before being published. Usually it takes two business days for articles to be reviewed. I am already a directory member, but I want to add some articles to help potential customers understand our products. Just go to the Add a Business link and click on the "Article" tab, then follow the instructions. Be sure to identify yourself as an existing customer on the page that follows as you sign up.

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If you need to report problems with the website, or the Gwinnett Place CID, please use our Contact Us page to either call or email us with your questions and feedback.

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