10,000 Cellphones Tablet and Device Repair and Sales

10,000 Cellphones Tablet and Device Repair and Sales
10,000 Cellphones Tablet and Device Repair and Sales http://visitgwinnettplace.com/media/com_jbusinessdirectory/pictures/companies/3500/Ten Thousand Cellphone -1450792020.JPG 3.5 05 0

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What We Do; Laptops, Smartphones to tablets we fix it all.


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10,000 Cellphones inc, born in April of 2003 has long been a staple and a household name when it comes to cellular problems in North Florida.  We’ve done it all from small electronics to household telephones and everything you may have had a problem with.  Our main focus is showing you your options so you can make a better and informed decision.


We have worked with everyone in North Florida from the likes of Jacksonville Jaguars Players old and new to local business and restaurants.  Our love of seeing a satisfied customer goes a long way.  Our company has seen and heard common cellular problems to very intermediate “are you sure you can fix this?” ones as well.  There is no problem to big or small that we aren’t scared to tackle.

Our roots in the cellular industry begins in 2000, when we started out in the wholesale part of the business.  As our business matured and grew, a retail store ensued in 2003 and in 7 years became a household name.  2010 brought the year of the franchisees in, as we opened 3 more locations through Jacksonville, Fl.  Our continued promise to excel in customer service by getting closer to the customer even by being down the street.  With more locations on the way, we hope to see you soon…unfortunately but for the better, right?

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